22 March 2013

Trainbuilder Locomotives - Available from Brunel Hobbies

Trainbuilder VR X Class

Victorian Railways X Class G16C Diesel Locomotive - HO Scale.
All brass construction. Directional LED lighting. Fine-scale blackened wheels. Quality Canon motor. Prototype paint and lettering - VR and V/Line. All six locomotive numbers. Fully detailed cab.
Available Numbers and versions are: X33 (1st series, VR), X34 (1st series VR), X35 (1st series VR), X32 (1st series V/Line), X34 (1st series V/Line), X39 (2nd series VR), X40 (2nd series VR), X44 (2nd series V/Line), X48 (3rd series VR). 

Our price $1185 - you save $35 if you pick it up from the shop (normally $25 postage).

Trainbuilder Tulloch Rail Car (DRC)

Tulloch Diesel Rail Car (DRC) - VR, V/Line and NSWGR - HO Scale.All brass construction. Minimum radius - 914mm (36 inches). Directional LED headlights. Workin g marker lights. Mashima motor. Fully detailed and lit interior. Finescale blackened wheels. All four VR DRC numbers, three V/Line DRC numbers and DRC43 in Vicrail teacup livery. NSWGR 1200 class PCH. 

Our price $1185 - you save $35 if you pick it up from the shop (normally $25 postage).

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