26 November 2012

VR B 4 wheel Box Van O Scale Now Available

The O-Aust Kits VR 4 wheel B box van is now available as a kit for $140.
Our first batch of B vans sold out in a day - a second is due soon. Order yours in advance or you may miss out.

Photo of  pre-production wagon unpainted.

VR B Van History.

The design of the Victorian Railways B van combined elements of the BP bogie van with the underframe from a 22’ I/IA open wagon. Newport workshops completed a sample, B1, in December 1957, with series production of wagons 2-380 taking place at Bendigo North from September 1958 to June 1961. From this period until the early 1980s the B box vans were a familiar inclusion in most VR goods trains. Most were retired in the period from 1978 through to 1980 and were sold for scrap, although the bodies of many live on as sheds on farms or light industries. A small number were transferred to departmental stock as HD vans.

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