16 October 2011

Dragon F-6D Mustang Plastic Kit on Special

DRAGON DR 03202 1:32 F-6D Mustang Plastic Kit $42 (normally $52.10)

Special Features

- Brand new fuselage with delicate details beautifully produced by a slide mould
- F-6D Reconnaissance aircraft equipped with detailed MGs
- Fuselage camera ports with clear parts to realistically portray a F-6D Reconnaissance aircraft
- New hatch on fuselage which can be assembled open or closed
- Canopy is made from transparent plastic and comes with rivet details
- Engine cowling frames are delicately rendered
- Engine cowling cover can be assembled open or closed
- Complete engine compartment
- Exhaust pipes made by slide moulds
- Propeller blades w/ith accurately curved cross-section and true-to-scale thickness
- Landing gear compartment with interior detail
- Propeller blades are movable
- Realistic panel lines on wings
- Landing gear can be assembled in taxiing or folded position
- Ailerons are movable
- Weighted wheels made of DS
- Pilot's seat upgraded with photo-etched parts
- Movable rudder with realistic texture
- Two types of fuel tanks available
- Rockets and bomb included
- Both PTO and ETO markings included to allow display of F-6D in different scenes

The P-51 Mustang was first manufactured as a result of a RAF request in 1940 for a fast, heavily armed fighter able to operate at altitudes of more than 20,000 feet. The P-51D was the most widely produced variant of the Mustang family, and one of the photo reconnaissance versions was designated the F-6D. A total of 126 P-51D Mustangs built at the North American Inglewood plant in California USA were converted to this F-6D version. They carried two cameras in the rear of the fuselage, generally a K17 and a K22. One camera was aimed almost horizontally to the left while the other was directed downwards at an oblique angle. These specially equipped aircraft were used to gain vital aerial intelligence over enemy-held territory during World War II.

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